Saturday, January 28, 2012

Starbucks Gold

Edit: Starbucks is no longer a part of my new lifestyle.  I am now enjoying my coffee by getting it for free at work, or at home with our Keurig machine.  I haven't purchased any more Starbucks since 12/17/12.  I keep this original post unedited for nostalgic reasons.

I don’t love the coffee at Starbucks, but I really like the convenience that the company offers me.  There are several Starbucks in every city that I visit.  There’s one inside my local grocery store (Albertsons).  There’s one inside Target.  There’s one inside Barnes and Noble bookstore. There are even some drive-thru Starbucks.  You just can’t get away from Starbucks.

Someone pointed out to me that the Starbucks brand is so well known, that they don’t even put their names on their cups anymore.  That’s how popular Starbucks is.

It’s a great place to hang out to get a slightly overpriced mediocre coffee.  They have a nice atmosphere, usually kept very clean.  Many provide free wifi.  It’s a great place to catch up with friends, or hang out alone to blog or do some leisurely reading.  If you own an iphone, ipad, or ipod, or if you play music through itunes, you can pick up new free apps and music from the store while you're there. I picked these up today:

I didn't like the free song at all this time.  You might want to pass on this one.

Anyways, if you frequent Starbucks often, you need to get a 
Gold card.

It’s incredibly easy to get a Starbucks gold card.  All you have to do is register a Starbucks gift card and make 30 purchases within a year.   You've probably received a Starbucks gift card sometime in your life.   Next time, register it.  A purchase = 1 star.  30 stars = Gold.  It doesn’t matter how much you spend on each purchase.  If you’re purchasing multiple items on a single visit, have the clerk ring up each item individually so you can earn stars faster.

What are some benefits of having a gold card?

  • Free drink on your birthday
  • Free syrup addition
  • Free soymilk
  • Free refills on iced or brewed coffee and tea in the store
  • Free drink every 15 Stars (each star is any one purchase of any price). 
  • A sweet personalized Gold card that looks really snazzy.
  • and more. 
Look at my receipt from today.  $1.10 off!  Sweet.  Yea I like my vanilla soy milk, so what?

You can buy a Starbucks gift card from any store location. Or you can buy one discounted online at a gift card site such as cardpool and get an 8.2% discount off the card.

Lastly, there’s an iphone app that lets you find the nearest starbucks everytime, and many stores let you pay for your coffee with the card linked to your phone.

Anyways, disregard this post if you never go to Starbucks; if you do go on a regular basis, go for the Gold.

p.s. Some interesting facts about Starbucks: 
business insider.

update:  Just received an email from Starbucks about earning a free drink after I made 15 purchases (stars).  You can redeem any drink, any flavor, and any size for free!

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