Monday, April 2, 2012

American Express Like, Link, Love

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, my American Express card is one of my favorite credit cards.  Every wallet should include one.

American Express has a facebook app called Like, Link, Love.  
I’m not usually a big fan of facebook apps and games, but for this American Express program, I definitely make an exception. 
With the American Express Facebook Like, Link, Love application, you can choose various discounts to sync directly with your linked American Express credit card without the need to print coupons. 

The process is very easy to do:
  1. Sync your card to the program
  2. Select any offers that you like by clicking “Add to Card” or “Redeem Online”
  3. Use your synced AMEX card in-store or online 
  4. Receive a discount or statement credit automatically to your account within 5 days.

Today, I found out AMEX was having a promotion for $10 off $10 spent at Panera Bread.  Me and the lady were feeling too lazy to make dinner at home tonight, so I went on facebook, added this deal to my card, then we went to grab dinner at Panera.  Total came out to be $13.23 for the both us.  After the $10 statement credit, it will be $3.23 for a dinner for 2.  Don’t forget to sign up for the My Panera free rewards card while you’re at it.  

Last month, we bought a $50 Cheesecake factory gift card, and got $20 back.

Yesterday, we purchased a $50 Southwest gift card at and got $10 back.

Remember to only use this app if you are making everyday purchases.  Don’t start buying a bunch of items that you don’t really want just to get a discount that you wouldn’t have needed in the first place.   Otherwise, this AMEX Like, Link, Love app is a great way to save a little extra.  To top it off, all of your purchases also accumulate regular rewards points.

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