Friday, November 16, 2012

MasterCard Easy Savings and the Fuelman Network

When I checked my most recent credit statement on my Chase Ink Business card, I noticed a strange credit to my account:  
I received a credit of $0.61 with the description “Fuelman Fuel Rebate” listed as an adjustment charge.  This statement credit occurred a few days after I got gas at a local gas station.
A google search linked me to this page describing the Fuelman Network as “a team of multi-branded, nationally recognized fuel and maintenance locations from major oil companies and many large regional fuel providers” that gives MasterCard small business cardholders the opportunity to earn a 1% rebate on gas purchases up to $100.00 per transaction at participating Fuelman Network gas stations.
Fuelman Network locations

Apparently, you can get automatic rebates at over 19,500 brand-name, participating gas stations and over 1,700 maintenance locations nationwide.

I filled up my tank with $60.66 worth of gas with my Chase Ink card, and I got $0.61 back as a rebate.  Sweet!  Chase Ink earns 2x points on gas purchases so I also earned 61 x 2 = 122 Ultimate Rewards points.  Awesome!

If you have a MasterCard business credit card such as the Chase Ink card, check out this page for other participating merchants in the MasterCard Easy Savings program and to register for free.
Shopping with one of these merchants is like getting an automatic percentage off coupon on your purchase.

The Fuelman Rebate is not the best way to maximize points / cash back with gas purchases.  As I’ve shared before, buying gas gift cards or using credit cards with higher rewards for purchasing gas is still the way to go.  

For someone who doesn't want to use gas gift cards, the Fuelman Rebate is a nice surprise as well as a small double dip for your purchase.

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