Sunday, August 25, 2013

Tracking your bills, subscriptions, and more with Manilla

I’ve been testing out and playing with Manilla over the last few weeks and I have to say that the service is awesome!  Here is my Manilla review.

I first read about Manilla on CNN Money and thought I would give it a try myself.  I've seen online advertisements for Manilla here and there as well. I’m always game to try out different products that can help organize and simplify my life, so I signed up and gave it a try.
Manilla is a free service that acts as an online organizer.  Manilla supports over 3,500 businesses, and can be used to track all of your household accounts and bills such as your credit cards, wireless carriers, banks, utilities, investment account statements, loyalty programs and more.  In fact, you would find it hard to find any services that aren’t already accessible by Manilla.

Once you create an account and link service providers, you can quickly see all of your bills and account statements in one place with one login.  Manilla stores all of your documents and past bill statements. This helps to minimize clutter and makes organizing previous bills extremely easy.  You can use it to track when your bills are due and when they are paid.  Manilla helps you save time by not having to log into separate accounts to find out what your balances are and when your bills are due.

If a business is not associated with Manilla, you can create custom accounts such as rent, baby sitter, HOA bills, etc.  Manilla also offers an easy way to contact them to suggest they add a payee to their site.

Manilla can also help you manage your subscriptions, such as telling me which movies are in my Netflix streaming queue.  Manilla links with Opentable to remind me of any upcoming dinner reservations.  Other accounts Manilla handles include online coupon sites like Groupon and LivingSocial as well as airline, hotel, and auto loyalty programs.

Manilla is different from other account tracking and budgeting sites like  Unlike Mint, Manilla does not allow you to set savings goals, categorize spending, or make budgets.  What Manilla does is allow you to keep track of practically all of your service provider statements.  Manilla keeps you updated with bill statements, payment reminders, and payment renewals.

Manilla is free since service providers pay a small fee for their mail to be delivered to their customers, saving costs on paper statements.
Click here to watch a video that describes exactly what Manilla can offer you.  

You can access manilla online or on your smartphone with their iPhone and Android apps.

There is unlimited storage of documents on Manilla, which makes it extremely easy to look back at old bills to check for usage such as telephone records, and electricity usage.  Information is extremely secure and private.  See here for more details on account security. 

Disclaimer: I am a compensated affiliate of Manilla.  You can help support my site by signing up with my affiliate link hereBut more importantly, you will be helping yourself get your bills and life organized.  Once you link at least three accounts, you can refer your friends and get a $5 gift certificate for each friend you refer.

I wouldn’t write an article about this service if I did not personally use Manilla and find it extremely useful.  Here's a snapshot of what I see when I login to Manilla:

Once you're fully set up with Manilla, you should be able to see all of your bills in one very organized place with just one login instead of several. Don’t forget to always pay your bills as soon as you receive them and you should never miss another monthly bill payment again.


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