Wednesday, July 8, 2015

ClearCheckbook went down and is now back up

Edit 7/9/15: ClearCheckbook is back and working again!  Thank goodness.  I don't know how anyone can be comfortable with their financial situation without tracking their spending.  I still will continue to recommend ClearCheckbook to anyone who wants to track their deposits and expenses.  

Many users are presented with this prompt after logging in.  However, the restore option doesn't work for many of us, who are still missing thousands of transactions. 
Over the past weekend, ClearCheckbook experienced a major database overload, causing the website to repeated go down and for users to lose years of data and thousands of transactions.  People (including me) have been extremely frustrated in dealing with this problem.  As someone who tracks every single financial transaction (including cash transactions), this has been driving me nuts. 

I’ve always enjoyed ClearCheckbook since this web-based application allowed me to access my account from any Internet enabled device, across multiple platforms.  I sort of assumed that all of my financial data would be backed up and easily accessible.  I’ve been a big supporter of the company since I first discovered them, and have always recommended my friends and family to the site.  Now I’m one of the many users dealing with missing transactions in my account.   

According to the site admins, ClearCheckbook is working as fast as possible to restore all transactions.  In the meanwhile, I’ve been writing down all of my transactions on a word document and can’t wait to update my accounts. has been a helpful way to keep track of my expenses as well.  I still prefer to track my spending manually, since this makes me much more actively aware of what I am doing with my money. 

I’ve previously written about the benefits of ClearCheckbook here.  I’ve used this web-based application since 2007 and it’s been extremely useful in helping me manage my finances. My wife and I share the same account login, which has really made it easy to manage our joint finances.  In my opinion, tracking your spending is the best way to avoid that “oh shit” feeling when it comes to your finances.  Tracking your spending is even more important than creating a proper budget.   

You can see updates on the ClearCheckbook blog here.  Their last update says that they will try to fix the problem by tonight (7/8/15).  I hope they get their act together, because I have lot of transactions to update.    

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