Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don't forget to check-in

This is a reminder that checking-in to restaurants via social media can earn you free discounts or extra cash back. 
Right now (until April 30, 2012), Red Robin is offering $10 off $30 if you check-in to the restaurant on foursquare with your synced American Express card.  You can sync your AMEX card here for this deal and future check-in deals.

Simply go to the restaurant:
  1. Check-in on Foursquare
  2. Activate the check-in special that is synced with your AMEX credit card
  3. Spend at least $30.  
  4. Then Get $10 back from AMEX automatically credited to your account


The whole process takes less than 20 seconds, and you’ve just saved yourself $10. In our case, dinner came out to be less than $30.  I made up the difference by purchasing a $10 Red Robin gift card to use next time:
There is a Red Robin 5 minutes from our home and it just so happens to be a chain restaurant the lady and I enjoy frequently.  You can’t beat their bottomless steak fries with seasoned salt!
Now if you really enjoy Red Robin, you can sign up for their loyalty program here.  It gives you a free burger in the month of your birthday, and every 10th burger is free. 

Don't forget to check-in.

Also don’t forget: you can always check-in privately without announcing it to every one of your online friends (unless you want to).  

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