Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Checkpoints review: earning points for airline miles (and more)

For the last month, I’ve been experimenting and playing with an app called Checkpoints.  Checkpoints is a very easy to use app where users can earn “checkpoints” to redeem for real prizes.  

I've been earning checkpoints everyday and I am currently using them to redeem for American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer miles, which I earn in increments of 500 miles for 3,750 checkpoints.  In one month's time, I have been able to earn 1,000 AAdvantage miles.
I can confirm that this app does indeed work as advertised, without any gimmicks.  It takes a little while to get the hang of the program, but once you figure out how easy it is to earn checkpoints, it's a breeze to earn points everywhere you go, at any time.

To get started, go to to download the app to your iPhone or Android mobile device.

There are several ways to earn checkpoints:

1.  Scanning barcodes.  Whenever you go shopping, whether it’s at the grocery store, pharmacy, electronics store, department store, etc, you can open up the Checkpoints app and see which nearby products you can scan to earn points. These items can be pretty much anything: candy, eye drops, applesauce, crackers, salsa, vitamins, memory cards, etc.  
Each time you scan an item’s barcode, you are awarded some checkpoints as well as “coins” you can use to play the Checkpoints games for more checkpoints. 

One thing I’ve learned about using the Checkpoints app to scan items at the store is that not every store will have every item in stock.  I don’t work too hard to find all the items, but whenever I do my weekly grocery shopping, I make sure to make an effort to earn some checkpoints while I’m already out.  I usually make between 100 to 300 points per shopping visit.

2.  Checking in.  If you go to a restaurant, bar, movie theatre, bowling alley, or any business establishment, you can check in and get 2 points at a time.

3.  Download and install free apps.  Each app you download and open up with earn you some coins you can use to play the Checkpoints games.  Apps will reward you with 1 coin or more per download.  I’ve played with downloading some apps and usually only download sample apps if it rewards me with at least 2 coins at a time.
4.  Scan the bar code of items that you have at home for coins.  These are everyday items you use at home like toilet paper, Kleenex, tomato sauce, cereal, etc. (EDIT: this feature has been removed from Checkpoints)

5.  Play the Checkpoints games.  Once you start collecting coins, you can use them to play the Checkpoints games.  There are 2 games, one is a slot machine game, and the other is a scratchers game.  
Each game costs 1 coin to play, and you can win checkpoints in increments of 20, 50, 5000, and 150,000.  I find that about 30-40% of the time I play these games, I am winning 20 or 50 checkpoints every few coins.  I recommend playing the slot machine, it’s less work.
6.  Referring friends.  Every time you refer a friend to Checkpoints who signs up with your bonus code, they earn 300 points and you earn 150 points.  My bonus code is: yoyoyoo.

7.  Download checkpoints toolbar and earn points every time you search.  Checkpoints search is powered by Yahoo!

8.  Go to for other ways to earn checkpoints.  These other methods include taking surveys, downloading sample programs, watching videos, using their shopping portal, or other methods that I don’t think are a good use of my time.

Redeeming for rewards
Once you've earned a lot of checkpoints, you can start redeeming for rewards.  Checkpoints has a pretty good selection of rewards.  These rewards range from gift certificates, to airline miles (American, Delta, and Alaska airlines), electronics, charities, and more. 

Tip: in order to redeem rewards, you must have Checkpoints notifications set to "on."

I’m a collector of miles, and with the Checkpoints app, I can easy earn 500 to 1000 miles per month without putting in too much effort.  Every free mile helps me get closer to my next free flight.

Go ahead and give Checkpoints a try.  And while you're at it, please register with my bonus code: yoyoyoo.

Edit:  I did a follow up of my experience with checkpoints when I won the 150K instant win jackpot here.


  1. hello, dear.
    do you have any problem using checkpoints in thesedays?. I cann't check in any site. by location fails

    1. I just got back from a grocery store run and my checkpoints app worked just fine. I am using an iPhone 5 without any issues with the app. On the other hand, with my wife's iPhone 4, the checkpoints app seems to run very slowly with a lot of lag.


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