Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sign up for AT&T Autopay and get a $25 reward

Sign up for AT&T Autopay here, maintain your auto payment status for at least 90 days, and then you will receive a $25 AT&T reward card.  Your gift card should arrive in 4-6 weeks.

This deal is a no brainer. 
One of the best financial decisions I ever made was to sign up for auto payment of every single one of my bills.  If you’re going to pay your bill anyways, what’s the point of going through the tedious and repetitive process of making an online payment or mailing a check every single month?

Automatic payments:
    - Are secure: your check won’t get lost in the mail
    - Are consistent: you won’t forget to pay your bill on time
    - Easy to set up, and you only need to set it up once
    - Saves you time to focus on more important things

Most of your bills can be paid with credit card.  I know that my cell phone, Netflix, car insurance, home insurance, and Internet access bills can be paid with my credit card, which will earn me credit card rewards.  Other utilities like electricity, gas, and water bill can’t be paid with a credit card so I have such bills paid out automatically from my checking account.

I am already signed up for AT&T Autopay with my Chase Ink Business credit card which earns 5x points on phone services so I may not qualify for this $25 gift card.  I figured it’s worth a shot, so tonight I cancelled my Autopay and re-enrolled. 

If you have AT&T, which I know many of my readers do have, sign up for this offer to get rewarded a $25 gift card for managing your finances the smart way.  Go here to sign up.

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