Friday, December 7, 2012

American Airlines 2 browser trick for 100,000 AAdvantage miles - my turn!

EDIT: As of 2/2013, looks like Citibank is putting a stop to the 2 browser trick for 2 American Airlines credit cards.
I previously discussed the American Airlines 2 browser trick to earn 100,000 AAdvantage frequent flyer miles.  (Previously posted application links no longer work) 
Earlier this year, my fiancĂ©e did the two browser trick and earned us a free round trip to the Bahamas!  We redeemed our flight for 70,000 miles (17,500 miles for each one way flight for each of us x 4 = 70,000 miles) with plenty of miles to spare.  We also got 4 admirals club passes for any American Airlines airport lounge as well as free luggage check-in and priority boarding with that deal.

Since we have some big purchases coming up for our wedding (in less than 2 weeks!) I decided it was my turn to take advantage of the American Airlines 2 browser trick.  It’s the fastest and easiest way to earn 100,000 AAdvantage miles. 
My favorite message forum for flying, collecting airline miles, and credit card points is flyertalk and there is a great thread there that lists the most current expired links.

I chose to apply for the flyertalk deals #2 Visa and #4 AMEX knowing full well that these were expired application links and that there could be a slight risk of the bonus miles not posting to my account.  You can also apply for 2 of the same Visa cards with the 2 browser trick.

So far, Citibank has been good about honoring the sign-up bonus miles for these applications.  If you read the experience of others, almost everyone who has applied and been approved for one of these American Airlines cards has received the sign up bonus free miles after meeting the spending requirements.
The AAdvantage American Express card I applied for offered a bonus 50,000 AAdvantage miles: 40,000 miles after spending $2,000 within 4 months, and then a bonus of 10,000 miles after spending $5000 within 12 months.  This deal also included 2 Admirals club passes as well as up to $100 statement credit for American Airlines purchases.  I applied with the link here.
The AAdvantage Visa card I applied for offered a bonus 50,000 AAdvantage miles after spending $2,500 within 4 months of card
application.  This bonus offer doesn’t include any Admirals club passes or statement credits, but you only need to spend $2,500 within 4 months to get the bonus.  I figured I should save other spend for better rewards credit cards (like my SPG cards).  I applied with the link here.

Both of these credit cards also include:
  • 2 miles / $1 spent with American Airlines
  • First bag checked free
  • Priority boarding
  • Reimbursement of 10% up to 10,000 miles on any miles redeemed
  • Spend $30,000 in 1 year and get a $100 American Airlines flight discount

I used two different Internet browsers (Firefox and Chrome) to apply for my credit cards.  First I filled out each application completely.  Then I put both application windows side by side and hit submit on one application, quickly followed by also clicking submit on the second application: 
I was instantly approved for both the Visa and the AMEX American Airlines credit cards!

I applied for the American Airlines 2 browser trick last week and just received the cards today.  When I called customer service to activate the cards, I confirmed both spending bonuses.  Now we will have another 100,000 AAdvantage miles to use on our next trip in 2013!

You can see the redemption award travel chart on here.  As you can see, redemption rates start 12,500 miles for a flight in economy class and 32,500 miles in First class. 

Once you earn your 100,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles, go here here to book and redeem your miles for your next trip.

How did this affect my credit?  I just got my updated Credit Sesame simulated Experian FICO score for December, and my score actually went up:
If you haven't already considered applying for the American Airlines 2 browser trick, now is the time to go for it.  Just remember to spend responsibly, and only spend money that you can pay off.  If you need tricks on how to increase your spending, send me an email.

EDIT:  For those of you who find that the required spending to achieve the bonus miles is too difficult, there is another deal that may be more feasible for smaller credit card spenders.  Go here to apply for the 2 browser trick for 1 Visa card and 1 Mastercard.  40,000 bonus miles after spending only $1,000 on each card within 4 months.

You can apply for the Mastercard here
You can apply for the Visa card here 

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