Monday, February 11, 2013

End of the Citibank American Airlines 2 Browser Trick?

One of my readers, Ben, was the first to report to me that the Citibank American Airlines 2 browser trick may no longer work. 

Since then, I have read various reports on flyertalk describing people getting approved for only 1 American Airlines card, and then denied for their other application (read the newest posts in the forum thread).

The game of collecting airline miles and points is constantly changing.  For now, I have to recommend against applying for 2 American Airlines cards at the same time with the 2 browser trick.  Sounds like that deal is over. 

Still, getting 1 American Airlines card with free 50,000 miles is a pretty good deal by itself.

If you never got a chance to get in on the deal, let this be a lesson that hesitation doesn’t pay off with hot deals like this.

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