Thursday, July 3, 2014

Evolve Money no longer accepts payment with PayPal Business Debit cards

I tried to make a regular bill payment on Evolve Money with my PayPal Business Debit card yesterday and my payment was rejected with this error message:

The first thing I did was visit this Flyertalk thread.  There I read that Evolve Money no longer allows bill payment with your PayPal Business Debit card! 

This is too bad for us because in the past because I could buy PayPal MyCash cards at Rite Aid (with a rewards credit card), and then use my PayPal Business Debit card to pay off many of my bills.  With a 1% bonus from PayPal, this was a great way to help liquidate my PayPal account balance – and get extra cash back.

This is a reminder that the travel hacking game is always changing.  All we can do is adapt and adjust our manufactured spending methods.

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