Sunday, December 18, 2016

Disneyland with our Chase Disney Visa Debit card

The Chase Disney Visa Debit card offers the same features as your regular Chase Debit Card, but has 4 different card designs available and provides special Disney perks.  You are eligible for this card as long as you have a Chase checking account.  You can convert your normal Chase debit card into this Disney debit card for free, and there is no annual fee. You can use your card at the ATM just as you normally would with your Chase debit card.  The Disney Visa Debit card has the same security and safety benefits as the normal Chase Visa Debit card, such as fraud monitoring and liability protection.

The Disney Visa Debit card gives you special discounts at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, Disneyland Resort in California, Disney Cruise Lines, as well as other Disney Resorts.  This includes 10% off select merchandise purchases at Disney Stores and 10% off select dining locations.  You can choose between 4 different card designs.  
In my opinion the coolest feature is a special Disney character “meet and greet” at Disneyland Resorts at a private location reserved for cardmembers only. I first wrote about the Disney Visa Debit card over 4 years ago in 2012 here.  We finally got to use our card at Disneyland last week. 

My sister in law and her two kids came to visit us for a few days.  My wife and I took the Monday off and we all went to visit Disneyland and California Adventure.  While the parks were pretty packed, we did get to go on a fair amount of rides, with our son going on his first 3 Disneyland rides (Flik’s Flyers, Monsters Inc. and The Little Mermaid).  
We loved seeing all of the holiday decorations set up around the parks.  Our son enjoyed the Disney Junior live stage show.  It was great seeing the look of amazement and wonder in our son’s eyes. 
While we were in California Adventure, we dropped by the special Chase reserved area for Disney character greeting.  
Benjamin got to meet Minnie Mouse up close and personal!  He was all smiles and giggles, not shy at all.  There was no wait; all we had to do was show identification and the Chase Disney Debit card.  
Note: your card only allows you to meet a character one time.  I believe different characters come to the area every 4 hours. 

We all had a great time at Disneyland.  With a help of a few Fastpasses, we were able to go through all the rides we wanted to with less than a 30-minute wait each time.  Our Chase Disney Debit card helped make our day a little extra special by giving our family a special one on one time with Minnie Mouse!

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!

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