Sunday, July 1, 2018

Side hustles June 2018

The great thing about doing side hustles to generate extra income is that you can hustle on your own terms.  The more hard work, time, and creative effort you put in, the more extra money you can make.  You can hustle as little or as much as you want, whenever you want.  It’s your extra money, and you can choose how you want to spend it.  Instead of focusing on what ideas don’t apply to you, try focusing on different side hustle ideas that you can implement to work for your situation.

Once a month (usually on the 1st), I like to post a short summary of our personal and financial situation for the previous month.  Here I’ll share some of what’s been going on with our lives and our side hustles. 

Welcome to July!  Did everyone have a good month of June?  It’s been another activity filled month for us.  Our son just turned 3 years old.  He has so much energy and loves to explore.
We started the month off with a mini family vacation to Seattle, and used travel hacking to cover most of our expenses.   
We spent a few hours looking at animals and exploring at the Santa Ana Zoo.  Our son enjoyed the train ride that passed through many animal exhibits.  He enjoyed seeing the monkeys, snakes, eagle, and other creatures.
We brought our son to the Fullerton Arboretum, where he got a chance to see flowers, trees and various animals like rabbits, turtles, carp and birds.  There are several small streams of water and ponds in the arboretum.  It was very relaxing being surrounded by nature while hearing the birds sing.
We enjoyed a day at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  Our son loves visiting aquariums.  He already knows the names of most sea creatures.  On this visit, he touched sharks, stingrays, and even a horseshoe crab.  We will probably get a membership to the aquarium next year.
We still go on walks around our neighborhood often and our son is now enjoying the swing set and playground.  Chasing him around keeps us fit and active.  We want to enjoy our journey towards financial freedom as much as possible. 
Here’s our monthly summary of side income that we have generated in the previous month of June.
Cash Back
On 6.4, I received $10.23 deposit in my Discover Cashback Checking account.  This is a 1% cash back on my mortgage payment for our rental property mortgage, which allows for debit card purchases.
On 6.12, I received a $50 statement credit in my AMEX SimplyCash business credit card.  They offered a promotion of 10% cash back on purchases made at Staples.  I used my credit card to buy $200 worth of Shell Gas gift cards and $300 worth of Amazon gift cards.  We mostly use Amazon to purchase everyday items, saving us a trip to the store. 

Survey Income
On 6.19, my wife received a $10 Amazon gift card for doing a Chase survey.
On 6.28, I received a check for $75 from TDG Health for doing a medical survey.
On 6.29, I received a check for $20 from My Impact Network for doing a medical survey.
Rental Income
On 6.5, we received a net profit of $430 from our rental property.  We are glad our tenants are paying rent on time.

Side Jobs
On 6.18, I received a check for $162.50 for teaching at the local university. 

Monthly Totals:
We earned $60.23 from cash back
My wife earned $105 from survey income
We earned $430 from rental income
I earned $162.50 from my side job

All of this totals $757.73 from our side hustles for the month of June.  This isn’t as much extra income as we usually bring in, but every bit still helps us push towards our financial freedom!

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