Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Over 450K invested

Our investment accounts have now hit another financial milestone, surpassing $450,000 in value!  This includes money in our 401Ks, Roth IRAs, taxable accounts, and 529.  This does not include money in our checking accounts, savings accounts, home equity or rental property equity.
As we continue on our journey towards financial freedom, we have been focusing more on being in the moment and enjoying the time we have available. Years ago, we did a lot of the heavy lifting with improving our finances by cutting our expenses dramatically, and slowly increasing our investment contributions, sometimes as little as 1% at a time.  This has created a snowball effect of our investments compounding aggressively over time.  Our investments are simple and our contributions are automatic.  Our money continues to make more money for us.
We just got back from a 4-day trip to visit San Diego, and it was a nice surprise to see our investment account balance after coming back from our vacation. 
It’s been amazing watching the growth of our investment accounts over the last few years.  Here are some of our other previous investment milestones:
June 2, 2014: 100K
March 12, 2016: 200K
June 5, 2017: 300K
July 15, 2018: 400K 
Our investments haven’t changed much since we first began saving.  We invest in index funds that track the US stock market (63%), international stock market (27%), and US bond market (10%).  Index fund investing allows us to diversify our portfolio and keep our costs very low.
While we have hit a new all time high in our investments, this could all change in an instant.   Regardless of stock market volatility, we stay the course with our investments by consistently contributing through stock market ups and downs.  We know that there is no way to accurately time the stock market; so we just hang on for the ride. 
How is your financial freedom progress going?

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