This site will give you some ideas on how to relentlessly improve your finances.  Here are some basic articles to get started with:

The pillars of financial independence.

Start living a financially smarter middle class lifestyle.

Stop depending on the bank of Mom and Dad and live on your own means.

Realize how important your credit score is and then improve it.

Understand the wealth that you already have.

Understand that you have less money than you think you do, and that you need an emergency fund.

Track your spending to avoid most financial surprises.

Create a proper budget.

Accumulate more savings easily and then open multiple savings accounts for multiple savings goals.

If you're working, you need to start planning your retirement with your 401K and Roth IRA.

My investing primer series of posts:
Part 1: save, save, save
Part 2: stocks and bonds
Part 3: risk, asset allocation, diversification
Part 4: 
mutual funds and ETFs
Part 5: minimizing costs
Part 6: tax efficiency
Part 7: market timing
Part 8: choosing your investments

If you are in a serious relationship, make sure you have the "money talk" with your significant other.  Then the two of you can work together towards financial freedom.    

Apply for credit cards, then use the points and rewards to travel and stay in hotels for free.  See my favorite personal and business credit cards here.

Use your credit card responsibly to avoid getting overwhelmed with debt and to maximize the benefits your card offers.

My favorite resources
I track all of my spending with Mint and ClearCheckbook.  I track all of our investments with Personal Capital.

When I need motivation on how to live a frugal and purposeful life, I go to Mr. Money Mustache.  I get my motivation through the psychology and research provided by James Clear.  When I need to learn more about travel hacking, I go to Flyertalk, The Frequent MilerDoctorof Credit, and the Reddit churning subreddit. When I need a good price on something, I go to Slickdeals.  For everything about investing, I go to Bogleheads, where I learn everything I need to know about creating an investment portfolio. 

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