Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Library is an incredible place

When was the last time you went to the library?

Recently I was sharing with a good friend of mine how much I enjoy reading.  I was buying books from Amazon and iTunes.  The first thing my friend said to me was: 

“Yo have you checked out your local library?  You can check out books for free there.  Your tax dollars are already supporting the neighborhood library, you need to take advantage of it.”

The next chance I got, I went to check out the local library.  I was blown away.  The library had so much to offer.  They had pretty much every book that I wanted to read in stock.  As for the books that they did not have in stock, you can easily make a request to have them make the book available.
Here are some other benefits of having a library card:
  • Read a book in its entirety and then return it, without cluttering your bookshelf
  • Easy to reserve books online to pick up at your convenience.   If a book is already checked out, you can save it to your queue
  • Renew your books online (as long as no one else as reserved it)
  • Free wifi 
  • Free access to digital and audio books, download straight into your PC, Mac, Kindle, iPad, Sony reader, and others.  When the lending period expires, these book titles remove themselves automatically without late fees
  • Large selection of DVDs movies that you can rent

Checking out a book at the library gives you extra inspiration to finish reading it.  How often have you purchased a book or received a book as a gift and then “never got around to reading it.”  When you check out a book, you’re given a 3-week window before its due date.  Use the 3-week due date to motivate you to finish reading what you start.  

Next time you're thinking of buying a new book, consider going to your local library first.

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