Tuesday, August 28, 2012

e-Miles: earn miles for free

I love accumulating airline miles. 
e-Miles offers one of the easiest methods to earn free airline miles.  You earn miles simply by viewing short marketing messages and answering a few questions afterwards.

Every few days you can login to your account, click on a few 
advertisements, and you will quickly start to earn e-Miles miles which can be deposited into various frequent flyer programs, hotel programs and more. 

When you login, you will see e-Miles earning opportunities, which tell you how many miles you can earn with each program.  With most programs you will earn 5 e-Miles just for viewing an advertisement.  You can earn more miles for signing up for some programs with your spam email, or making a purchase.  No purchase is necessary to earn miles and I have yet to see an advertisement for a product I’ve been interested in buying. 

I’ve earned hundreds of airlines miles just clicking a few ads every few days at e-Miles and then answering a short 3- 5 question survey afterwards. Here is a sample of some questions e-Miles asked me recently:
Once you have earned 500 e-Miles miles, you can deposit them into your preferred frequent flyer or sponsor account

See the e-Miles FAQ here and start earning miles today.

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