Sunday, August 12, 2012

Rewards Network Dining Summary

I’ve previously described double dipping as a way to earn extra rewards on top of the regular credit card rewards you’d normally earn with each credit card purchase.

Signing up for Rewards Network (RN) Dining programs is another way to double dip.

If you eat at a RN participating restaurant and pay for the meal with your linked credit card, you will earn:
  1. Points from your rewards credit card of choice that you used to pay for the meal
  2. Extra airline miles, hotel points, or other rewards from the Rewards network

Founded in 1984, Rewards Network is a marketing company that links diners to over 10,000 participating restaurants.   If you link your credit card to a dining program, you can earn extra rewards on top of your regular credit card rewards when you eat out at participating restaurants.

I’ve briefly touched upon Rapid Rewards Dining Rapid Rewards Dining as a way to earn extra Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards frequent flyer miles with each dine at a participating restaurant.  

There are currently a total of 14 RN dining rewards programs that you can sync up with your credit (or debit) card to help you earn extra airline miles, hotel points, and other rewards.

Earning bonus rewards with Rewards Network is easy:
  1. Register and link your credit card with the Rewards network program of your choice
  2. Find a participating restaurant to eat at
  3. Pay for dinner with the linked credit card
Airline Programs

Hotel Programs

There are other programs that earn you fuel rewards,  Best Buy Reward Zone points, or charitable contributions.

Don’t rush and sign up for all Rewards Network programs in a hurry.  This is because each of the RN programs offers a nice welcome bonus after spending a certain amount like $25 to $50 at a single restaurant within the first 30-60 days. 

Welcome Bonuses:
Alaska Airlines: 1,000 bonus miles when you spend $30 in the first 30 days
American Airlines: 1,000 bonus miles when you spend $30 in the first 30 days
Delta Airlines: 1,200 bonus miles when you spend $25 in the first 30 days
Southwest Airlines: 300 bonus points when you spend $25 in the first 60 days
United Airlines: 1,000 bonus miles when you spend $50 in the first 30 days
US Airways: 1,000 bonus miles when you spend $50 in the first 30 days
Hilton Honors: 1,000 bonus Hilton Honors points when you spend $25 in the first 30 days
InterContinental Hotels Group Priority Club: 1,000 bonus points when you spend $30 in the first 45 days

Wait until you find a participating restaurant that you’d like to eat at; then sign up for the program to get that nice welcome bonus. The bonuses that I’ve listed do change from time to time, so make sure you double check the program before you register.

You need to make a separate user login for each RN program you sign up for.

Currently I am participating in the American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and United Airlines programs, as these are the rewards I am aiming to accumulate for now.

One warning: you cannot register a single card to more than one participating program, so make sure you remove a registered card from a program before registering the same card to another program.

We always make sure everyone of our credit cards is linked to a RN dining program.  

There is even a rewards network iPhone app and android app that helps you find nearby restaurants that participate in the program.  

Every free airline mile or hotel point will help you travel for free one day.  Even if you don’t intend on frequently eating at RN dining restaurants, it’s worth it to sign up for each program’s welcome bonus to snag a few quick free airline miles.

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