Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amazon Instant Video: pay per view

Do you pay for cable or satellite television?  How much is your bill each month?  How much television do you actually watch?  How many channels do you watch? 
I believe in a pay per view approach when watching television or movies.  
While this may not work for everyone, it’s been great for us.  We pay $7.99 a month for Netflix streaming movies.  However, there are many newer television shows or movies that are not available on Netflix streaming.

One example of a show we can’t watch on Netflix is currently one of the hottest shows on network television, the Walking Dead, now in its 3rd season.  The wife and I really enjoy watching this show weekly.  However, we don’t watch when it airs live.  Commercials really ruin the experience for us. 

Sure you can record the show with your DVR and watch it later, but you have to manually fast forward through the commercials.

I prefer to pay $1.99 and watch each show episode uninterrupted by commercials.  I just have to wait 1 day after the show airs on television.  With Amazon Instant Video, I can rent and watch any television episode I want.
Amazon Video has been out for a while, yet I don’t know too many people who use it.  Last time I shared with some friends that the wife and I watch each episode of Walking Dead for $1.99 each episode, they balked at the idea: “you pay $1.99 to watch a television show?!”

My response: “at least I’m not paying over $60 a month for DirecTV.”

Their response: “…. (silence)”

Subscription television is extremely profitable for companies like DirecTV,  Dish Network, Time Warner Cable, and others.  Each month, they make consistent money off you when you pay your over priced bill.  They make money off of you overpaying for hundreds of channels you will never watch.

Instead of over paying for subscription television, consider renting each movie or television episode individually for $1.99 and up.  

With streaming service like Amazon Instant Video, you can rent and stream movies and television episodes from your home to watch on multiple devices like your Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Roku, internet-enabled Television, laptop, tablet, and more. 

My personal favorite way to watch television is on our Roku 2.  I’ve detailed my experience with cancelling DirecTV and watching television with my Roku here.

I’ll mention the same disclaimer I wrote in the past:  If you're a big sports fan and love to stay at home watching sports, the Roku 2 probably isn't for you.  If you enjoy watching television series and movies on TV, and don't mind watching sports at your friend's home or at the sports bar, follow in my steps. 

Give Amazon Instant Video a try, you will really appreciate the simplicity and cost savings of pay per view entertainment.  

You will also appreciate the content you consciously choose to pay per view for, instead of mindlessly watching whatever is on television since you feel obligated to make the most out of your subscription service. 

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