Sunday, July 21, 2013

e-Rewards: surveys for airline miles

I have mentioned e-Rewards in the past but I have never written an article dedicated exclusively to the program.  While many people may already be very familiar with the program, I hope that this post helps others who have never heard of e-Rewards.  Founded in 1999, e-Rewards is an online market research company that rewards users for taking surveys.  These surveys help influence marketing decisions of leading companies. 
I’ve been using e-Rewards for the last year to earn free Southwest and American Airlines miles.  There are other rewards you can earn such as gift certificates, magazines, hotel points, and even charity donations.  It’s free and easy to sign up for e-Rewards once a sponsor company invites you to join.    

Based on your interests and demographics (age, sex, ethnicity, employment status, location, etc), e-Rewards will email you survey opportunities to complete. The surveys vary in length: the shortest survey I have taken was about 1 minute in length and the longest survey I have done took about 30 minutes.  The longer a survey takes to complete, the larger the e-Reward currency reward.  I usually delete any survey opportunities that take longer than 30 minutes since it becomes too tedious for me. 

Some surveys reward you with a few cents of e-Rewards currency while others pay several dollars worth of e-Rewards currency.  I usually redeem my points for Southwest Rapid Rewards miles or American Airlines AAdvantage miles when I’ve accumulated $50 worth of e-Rewards currency.  This usually takes me a 1 to 2 months to do and will earn me 1,000 airline miles each time.  I do short surveys every few days and I don't find doing them too time consuming.

The reason I wait until I accumulate $50 worth of e-Rewards currency before redeeming for miles is because you are limited to only 1 redemption per 30-day period, per airline reward, and per e-Rewards account.  The airline miles usually post within 4-6 weeks and do not count towards elite airline status.

I logged into my account today to find that I have accumulated over $50 in e-Rewards currency.  That means that it's time to redeem!  As you can see, there is a decent selection of travel rewards at the $50 redemption level:
I picked the 1,000 Rapid Rewards points:
Here is a picture of some of my e-Rewards activity in my Southwest account:
These aren't a life changing amount of miles, but every mile helps us get to where we want to go...for free!  

Right now, you can earn 350 Rapid Rewards Points with Southwest Airlines if you complete your first survey within 3 months of enrolling.  You can sign up for the Rapid Rewards points earning e-Rewards here.

Also right now, you can earn 250 AAdvantage miles with American Airlines if you complete your first survey within 3 months of enrolling.  You can sign up for the AAdvantage miles earning e-Rewards program here.

I recommend using separate email addresses when signing up for these two programs.  I have both e-Rewards accounts with these programs.

Signing up for e-Rewards is quick, free, and your privacy is guaranteed.  The airline miles that you earn will help contribute to your next free trip!

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