Monday, January 9, 2017

Another year, another AMEX airline fee credit

One great benefit of having an American Express Platinum card or Premier Rewards Gold card is that you get an airline fee credit every calendar year.  With the Platinum card, you get $200 airline fee credit and with the Premier Rewards Gold card, you get $100 airline fee credit.
According to AMEX, eligible incidental fees include:
·                Checked baggage fees
·                Itinerary change fees
·                Phone reservation fees
·                Pet flight fees
·                Seat assignment fees
·                In-flight amenity fees (beverages, food, pillows/blankets, headphones)
·                In-flight entertainment fees (excluding wifi fees)
·                Airport lounge day passes & annual memberships 
Different airlines you can choose include: Alaska, American, US Airways, Delta, Frontier, Hawaiian, Jet Blue, Spirit, United, Southwest and AirTran.  You select an airline here; you can select a different airline every calendar year.  
In the past, I’ve used this airline credit to get a $200 Amazon gift card from my previous Platinum card ($200 Amazon gift card loophole has now been closed) and multiple Southwest Airlines gift cards from my Premier Rewards Gold card.  Since you can no longer get an Amazon gift card with the airline fee credit, I decided to get another $100 Southwest Airlines gift card with my Premier Rewards Gold card.  I closed my Platinum card last year; if I still had it, I would have used it to buy $200 worth of Southwest Airlines gift cards.
I first made sure that I had Southwest Airlines gift card purchases were still being credited by American Express.  I went to this Flyertalk thread to confirm that Southwest gift card purchases were still being credited.  Then I made sure that Southwest Airlines was selected as my airline of choice here.  Finally, I went to purchase a Southwest Airlines gift card here.
2 days after my $100 Southwest Airlines gift card purchase was charged, I received a $100 statement credit.  Woohoo! 
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