Saturday, July 24, 2021

Over 750K invested

Today, our investment accounts have now hit the biggest financial milestone to date: surpassing $750,000 in value!  

Our investment accounts include money in our 401Ks, Roth IRAs, taxable accounts, HSA and 529.  Index fund investing allows us to diversify our portfolio and keep our costs very low.  This does not include money in our checking accounts, savings accounts, home equity or rental property equity.

The US stock market has hit new all time highs, and so has our investment account balances.  The US market has returned over 37% over the past year, and over 18% just in 2021.  There is a lot of positive news out there.  Big corporations have never been more profitable.  Retail sales are up.  Consumer spending is up.  The travel industry has opened up.  And while there are still many people and families hit hard by the economic impacts of the coronavirus, the stock market is not the economy.  This new highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus does not seem to be discouraging investors.

Sadly, our chance to squash COVID-19 completely may be behind us.  Blame it on the anti-vaxxers.  All we can do now is continue to practice good hygiene, wear masks and social distance when appropriate.  Life, and the economy, moves on.

We are quickly moving towards a 70/30 asset allocation, which is likely where we will hold at long term.  This portfolio will help us stay invested during stock market rallies, corrections and even crashes.  I’ve learned the hard way that my market timing skills are poor.

Here is a look back at the timeline of our previous investment milestones:

July 2010: I opened up my first Roth IRA investment account.

June 2, 2014: 100K

March 12, 2016: 200K

June 5, 2017: 300K

July 15, 2018: 400K 

April 16, 2019: 450K

November 5, 2019: 500K

January 18, 2020: 550K

November 7, 2020: 600K

January 12, 2021: 650K

April 7, 2021: 700K

July 24, 2021: 750K

We’ve been investing for over 10 years now.  Keep saving and investing my friends!

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