Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Just received my Bluebird checks

I received a large white plastic sealed envelope this afternoon that contained my new Bluebird checkbook and checks.  If you don't know what Bluebird is, read this post first. 
I haven’t been this excited to receive a checkbook since I opened my first checking account ages ago!   

The package contains a flat folder with 4 pads of 25 checks per pad.
Remember, you can order 100 free checks from Bluebird until 5/21/2013. After that, it will be 50 checks for $19.94 + $5.94 shipping & handling or 100 checks for $26.94 + $6.94 shipping & handling. 

The checkbook has 2 reminders on the front: 
Although these look like your traditional bank check, they are different since you need to get an 8 digit pre-authorization code online before writing each Bluebird check. 
You then enter your pre-authorization code on your check before you give it to your payee. Bluebird checks not pre-authorized will be declined.  Bluebird says that checks over $2,000 will need to be pre-authorized, which will take 1 to 2 business days.

American Express has set up this system so that Bluebird will deduct the authorized check amount from your account balance immediately. No more overdraft charges! I think more banks should use this concept, although they probably won’t because they enjoy charging their customers overdraft fees. 

I’m off to pick up some more Vanilla Reload cards now.

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