Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Saveup prize win!

I woke up this morning, logged into my Saveup.com account, and was greeted with a nice surprise:

I won another Saveup raffle prize! This time I won a $100 Amazon gift card. I'll be sure to put this nice little bonus to good use. 

This isn't the first Saveup prize that I have won. In the past I've also been lucky enough to win a few dollars in cash, a gold bar, and a platinum bar.  

For those of you who have never used Saveup before, it's a website that rewards you with credits every time you deposit money into any of your linked accounts.  Using Saveup.com is safe, as data aggregation is provided by Intuit, owners of Mint.com. See this video here on how Saveup works.

With the credits you are rewarded, you can enter to win real prizes in raffle drawings or the instant win game.  I prefer entering the drawings for prizes.  You can enter up to 8 times a day to play for prizes (3 plays daily, plus up to 5 extra plays for 100 credits each). The jackpot prize is $2 million cash.

You can sign up with my referral here.  If you do, I earn 10 plays. Signing up is free.  And as long as you continue to save up, you will never run out of credits.

I'm going to continue to play for raffle prizes, and post my winnings here.  While it's fun to track my financial progress with Saveup, winning real prizes along the way is the cherry on top.

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