Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas!

This season, I hope you take the time to appreciate what is really important: your health and the relationships you have with your loved ones. 

Christmas doesn’t have to be a time of sorrow
What does Christmas mean to you?  Is Christmas a time of joy or a time of frustration?  For many people, it seems like Christmas is a depressing time. 

“It’s so hard to make ends meet this month.”

“I’ll buy this gift now with my credit card and figure out how to pay for it later.”

I’ve heard so many people make comments like these.  Many people don’t seem to have extra money to buy presents for their family, friends, or children.  When you spend all of your money eating out, buying frivolous things, paying for $100 electricity bills, and keeping expensive cell phone plans, it’s easy to end up living paycheck to paycheck.  When you are living one month at a time, December can really bust your budget and put you into bad debt. 

Christmas is not about going into credit card debt just to find the ideal gift.  This December, I hope you don’t end up broke. 

No gifts for each other this year
Just like last year, we have decided that we have everything that we could possibly want or need.  There is no need for us to stress out about finding each other the “perfect” gift.  The best gift we can give each other is the gift of financial freedom.

Not all gifts are bad.  Spontaneous gifts can be fun.  Useful gifts can add value to someone’s life.  We still participate in secret Santa, white elephant, and some gift giving traditions with our families.  However when we have children, I never want them to worry about getting gifts for us.
Abby being lazy this Christmas

Throughout this season, may you find gratification, happiness and peace.  Not from gifts, but from family and friends.

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